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History and Philosophy of Linguistics Reading Group


About the group


This reading group in the history and philosophy of linguistics meets at 5.00pm every second Tuesday at the University of Sydney.  Unless otherwise noted, the group meets in Room S361, the Woolley Building, University of Sydney. 


Anyone with an interest in the history and philosophy of linguistics and related fields is welcome to attend.


This wiki represents a (perhaps transitory) stage in this reading group's attempt to transition, at least somewhat, away from Google Groups, since it now no longer supports pages and files.  Sharing readings are central to the group's activities and other Google products at present seem inadequate to our needs.  We are considering and may yet completely transition to Yahoo Groups since it has both file and email functionality.    


The group still has a functioning Google Groups group through which emails can be sent to the group as a whole. You therefore might like to consider joining this group.




To communicate with the group as a whole, email:




For particular enquiries, email Nick Riemer at:





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